Back to preparing Chanel outfits in the Lesage and Lemarié Ateliers before the Métiers d'Art show in Hamburg.

Every year, in December, the house of Chanel shows the value of craftsmanship through an exceptional show, held somewhere new each time. For 2017 the rendezvous is the philharmonie concert hall in Hamburg, not only the hometown of Karl Lagerfeld, but also a modern port city which is turned towards the future. A visit to the ateliers where milliners, paruriers, feather workers and embroiderers amongst others are busy preparing to give life to the latest Chanel creations. Interview with Hubert Barrère:Hamburg is one of the biggest ports in Europe. Clearly there are sailors and the nautical theme is a key theme within Chanel, so there was an obvious link between the two. Therefore we took this direction to propose designs but there was also, for example, the idea of the containers, I don’t know if you’ve seen these shipping containers but they’re huge and they have geometric shapes full of colours, red, yellow, blue, basically by following this idea we made a geometric motif that’s really in keeping with the quilted materials of Chanel and so we got behind that idea as well. We used materials such as velvet, and cashmere or mohair to create something very sweet but at the same time a using a technique more textile than the embroidery that we’ve combined with pearls and sequins. Things that are all still made with time, we have to have a bit more time to do them. When you look, for example, at the sketches here, you have on the sketch the trousers there which are going to be embroidered but also we see the blouse and the straps which go behind like that, Karl, he drew the back, the model, I mean that there, it’s really clear and so we know to do the embroidery on the straps as well. It’s Karl who’s the channel for everything and with our small or our big embroideries, we’re one of the elements that comes back into the composition of the general look that Monsieur Lagerfeld imagined. Music royalty free: Bandit & Nikit 2017

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