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Cerruti 1881- Menswear Autumn/Winter 2014/2015 Show in Paris (with interview)

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Aldo maria camillo has launched his third collection at cerruti 1881. he has appropriately and confidently adapted the famous tailoring house’s style, giving the collection a more casual feel. coats with cut back sleeves are layered on top of one another. they have been cut under the arms to make layering easier and can even be worn under a jacket to play with length and create unexpected volume. the materials for the next winter collection are luxurious: faded wool and military style felt give an elegant feel to the primarily black and brown coloured collection. sportswears (parkas) have a high fashion feel and the slightly cropped trousers are right on trend for next winter. interview:aldo maria camillo : i really think this collection is the sum up of the previous two ones. there is a greater deconstructed feeling, but absolutely not in a tailoring way. so it’s my way to, i think, to think about, kind of sportswear in a way, not active wear, but still very urban, very elevated, very sophisticated. everything began from research into military garments that are always very fashionable, very clever in the construction and in the details. if you go inside the garments you discover different solutions, like the holes just under the arms to give more space and more comfort, to the hunting coats, the hunting jackets. i also like the idea of overlapping two very light coats. i think it could be very sophisticated, in terms of matching colours, silhouettes and the lengths. i think coats are truly in the center of the collection again. music from the show