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Hyères International Festival of Fashion 2014: Première Vision Grand Prize of the Jury: Kenta Matsushige

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From 25th to 28th april, the gardens of villa noailles hosted the 29th edition of the hyères international festival of fashion, creative hub for young fashion talent. 10 designers presented their prêt-à-porter collections in front of a jury of professionals, presided over this year by carol lim and humberto leon, creative directors of kenzo.and the première vision grand prize of the jury was awarded to a japanese designer for his ‘hinabi’ women’s collection. the award bestows a creative grant and gives the chance of exposure in international professional salons, as well as collaborations with big labels.interviews:coralie marabelle :i was initially inspired by traditional north iranian sheep shearer’s clothing. i also incorporated polka dots which had both the transparency of organza and this slightly furry side that reminded me of sheepskin.roshi porkar:i wanted something to break the silhouette a little bit because it is a very big silhouette, it is very bulky so on the one side i wanted a colour that will break it and also a shape that will put it together so it was used as an obi belt or a scarf.louis-gabriel nouchi :the collection is actually a real jigsaw puzzle of inspiration, materials, colour and that is the main challenge behind this project; how can you create something that is coherent and balanced?kenta matsushige:this collection started from hinabi, a japanese word that refers to countryside beauty. for this collection, i decided to use only two fabrics molleton and cotton poplin. also, i respected the form of the traditional japanese kimono.chloë sevigny:it is a big responsibility, i felt responsible for all the talent and all the kids and wanting to give everybody an award but obviously there are not enough to go around.jean-pierre blanc :we are at the heart of it; we are amongst serious professionals, with resources that have been developed. it is about the care and development of what is to come, the future of our profession and so it is crucial to the whole procedure.pamela golbin :i believe that all those who presented today at hyères have enriched the festival with another point of view, another vision full of craftsmanship. we wish them all the best of luck.anne kluytenaar:what i tried to do with this collection was to really make a women’s collection for a man. my father used to be a very masculine man, he lived on a ship and three years ago, he told me one evening that he was actually a woman and that he would live as a woman from now on.music free of right : nikit & bandit - 2012