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Cerruti 1881- Menswear Spring/Summer 2015 Collection in Paris (with interview)

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Cerruti’s silhouettes are elegant and athletic, with big volume bermuda shorts, overcoats, bomber jackets with shirt collars and parkas that mix different materials together. the trousers are supple and narrow at the ankle, or are contrastingly worn short, with leggings underneath. the formal suits worn over long shirts are light and seem to slide over the body without ever getting in the way. for the sports side, a range of palm tree patterned jacquard sweaters create a colourful and visual effect in this wardrobe. hybrid shoes lengthen the silhouettes and sandals reinforce this feeling of comfort, an idea which is essential to the artistic director aldo maria camillo. interview : aldo maria camillo :everything began from this trip in la where we really enjoyed the landscape, the colours, the feelings with my team, and my friends. so it was really good going back to paris from the trip to really start a conversation. these last months, we really started to research for fabrics, for colours, exploring these earthy colours like desert, tobacco, wood, and really clashed them, lets say, with pop colours, more street or urban, and then softer again with the pastels. so i really tried to challenge myself in these colours, with intarsia effect, put the different materials together and i think that it’s a bit, let’s say, loud, visual, graphic, overall, it’s something i was really looking for. i found in the archive, this supplier in italy who had in the archive all knitwear, and i found this reversible, double-faced knitwear of the seventies, of course without a pattern, i was so excited. so i remade it, it was really difficult to find a machine to remake it because it was 100% wool. i remade it in cotton, in different materials so it was super-fresh, and gives this kind of 3d feeling. music from the show