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Umit Benan - Menswear Spring/Summer 2015 Collection in Paris (with interview)

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A funny coincidence: columbia has just reached the quarter final of the football world cup, and is also celebrated in umit benan’s latest collection, where a singer alone with his guitar opens the show... the whole thing is planned in advance of course, and the interpretation of a show is not linear… especially since the designer sets this collection at the cartagena tennis club, showcasing sport and proposing outfits that can be worn easily during a match as well as outside, in town or at parties. jackets possess straps on the sleeves allowing them to be easily rolled up, shorts are made quilted, and the dressing gown appears in a luxurious green suede version. beautiful and technical prowess in a luxurious collection that uses exquisite, soft and comfortable materials, proving once again that it is always a question of elegance and style, even when it comes to sport… umit benan interview:i didn’t want to go very theatrical this season, like with typical v neck sweaters with stripes or like tennis balls and stuff, i wanted to do it more conceptual in the sense that for me, tennis is a sport that was played in the past, people used to play tennis with more elegant clothes. i wanted to make it more practical this season so for me its sportswear, so if you wanted to play tennis in your jacket, if you don’t need the sleeves you can just drop them from the elastic which comes out from inside the jackets or inside the pants. i didn’t want to limit the customers, when you don’t drop them you don’t even see because it comes out from the inside, so that it stays really tight, and then you can actually play tennis. that was the idea. today is all about nike and adidas so i wanted to bring some fashion to it because cerruti and nino used to sponsor jimmy connors, i love that. well it’s the summer collection so i wanted to go with something more luxurious, i wanted to get the high level up there. i really wanted to go for something more luxurious, more soft. i even used this towel fabric, but there is a fine line between street and luxurious fabric so i just researched something really ordinary from our lives and then tried to find the best quality so i think this creates the contrast. music from the show