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Best of Autumn/Winter 2014/15 Haute Couture: innovative materials and a display of savoir-faire

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around thirty fashion houses had showcased their haute couture collections, an event which only exists in paris. through their autumn/winter 2014 to15 collections, couturier designers have therefore wanted to, above all, highlight their atelier’s work and preserve both their savoir-faire and handcraft. haute couture is advancing towards the future more than ever, thanks to constant renewal and more and more surprising technical prowess. this is exemplified by all of the voluminous outfits at christian dior, or the vintage accessories and clothes that have been reused at maison martin margiela in order to create mind-blowing outfits, or with chanel going even further in the use of new materials. in terms of trends, certain designers have certainly spread the word about red and black as the two new principal colours in order to stand out at a party. at any rate, women vampires seem ready to get married. haute couture shows always end with a moment of grace by the arrival of the always flamboyant and enchanting bride. and finally, a week of shows is never a total success without the vip presence in the front row. emma watson and jared leto were notably among the most spotted this season, and not forgetting the greatest star of all: jennifer lopez at versace. interview: giambattista valli :without my ateliers and my assistants i would be nothing. i could have all of the fantasies in the world and not be able to achieve any of them without my little hands, without the embroiderers, without everything.karl lagerfeld :you know there’s concrete in the embroideries; they are hard-surfaced… the couture dresses aren’t couture, they are only a tiny bit. we made the bottoms, molded the dresses and then took the moulds off and then removed the bottom afterwards.stéphane rolland:the entire bust is ostrich stitches, but it breaks like crystal so we had to put certain metal fibers on the inside so that it doesn’t break.jean-paul gaultier :they are very couture vampires…elie saab: there are lots of tiny beads and diamonds. the veil was more like a dream… karl lagerfeld : there is a trick within the pregnant woman, an attitude that you can’t copy, but she was beautiful like that, like a middle ages engraving, like a van eyck painting. i loved that, additionally with the train that was very louis xiv, and the whole thing was made in neoprene. music from the show