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The Essentials for Men this Winter: The Cropped Trouser

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Right in the heart of the winter season, and yet the trousers play with contrasts, they’re worn short and lose centimeters off the length. ending just above the ankle, leaving to discover the tops of the socks, a new ultra chic allure is born. cut straight legged, it refines the leg, offering new proportions to the silhouette. the latest fashion: large turn-ups to show better the length. and giving a retro allure, with the high waist, and darts…(itw)rolled up trousers also means adopting a cooler look, most obviously with the jeans, which at the same time highlights the shoes. printed, adorned with a number of motifs, the short trousers dare to be noticed and surf on the arty tendency. men can now play with lengths and are offered trousers in different styles. in a more sporty version, the man searches for comfort in a trouser to the knee, elasticated and in supple materials. always with a laid back nonchalance. (itw)interview: aldo maria camillo: i was inspired by thes pictures of the 50s and the south and of italy with this kind of attitude, so i really discovered that the high waist is incredibly chic, it’s not something just old. and the trousers with the pleats, one or two pleats, so of course i cropped it really short because it was also the idea to be quite sharp, edgy and modern at the same time. andreas krontahler: what i’m thinking, i’m in a queue for easyjet about to take off and they’re in front of you, and you know sometimes you can get a bunch of boys to look ever so cool, and in the winter even, they just want to be comfortable, even if they go skiing they wear shorts, they’re hardcore.free music/bandit & nikit