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The expert eye : "The hyper connected man is a new category of men that we're seeing"

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Men change and are becoming more and more aware of what they want. the buyers adapt themselves to the consumers who not only expect to find what they’ve seen on the catwalks in the shops, but also what is talked about on the social networks, all by following the latest trends linked to the world that surrounds them… explanation with isabelle fine, menswear buyer at bon marché, paris.interview: isabelle fine: men have changed, and continue to change, and their buying habits have become more and more like women. we feel that the man wants to be more confident, to have his own look, so he’ll mix some timeless pieces and basics that we can see at apc and at ami, with the strong pieces from the catwalk.for the winter season we have two huge trends that we’ve worked on, the first is « arizona dream » and the second is « happy art gallery. on happy art gallery, we have strong pieces, and we see a real link between art and fashion so you’ll find for example in front of me the raf simons collection with a big sense of existentialism.for the “arizona dream” trend, you’ll find more twilight colours, wine, prune and purple. we have very wintery fabrics, mohair, knitwear, and plaited wool.there’s also i think, a new type of man emerging, it’s a little bit like a new ultra connected generation that we’re seeing more and more. it’s this very urban man who’s looking for something new, something with more technical materials. we can see it with the backpack which has become a kind of “it-bag”. there are also a lot of trainers that are becoming more and more important, which can be from the brands like valentino and givenchy, as well as a more urban side with adidas. so it is really about this hyper connected man linked to the social networks, and for me it really is a new kind of man that we’re seeing.free music/bandit & nikit