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ERMENEGILDO ZEGNA - Menswear Show Autumn/Winter 2015/16 in Milan

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Nature is at the heart of the ermenegildo zegna collection. the decor dives us into an oasis of greenery, with a luxurious forest and a catwalk covered by soil. in terms of clothes, the silhouette separates protective, enveloping and powerful pieces. tweed stands out, and shaved velvet gives autumnal tones. there are numerous technical details which add to the theme. stefano pilati elegantly defends the ecological cause. an eco-warrior, but one who gives priority to outerwear with numerous hybrid coats, jackets and parkas made up of different material. a warm, welcoming cloakroom, structured by architectural cuts and zips. to note: protective backpacks now worn on the front of the body!interview : anna zegna : i believe that this season stefano pilati has been again inspired even more by the history of zegna.his whole inspiration is to show that we should become eco warriors, witnesses and protectors of the environment. and his collection is inspired by these themes with strong suits, jackets and accessories which we really use to show the history of the planet but also to protect it, or to show also the contrast between certain rich and reworked fabrics, which took inspiration from our archives. for example, the tweed side of the show contrasted by the search for much more futuristic fabrics, with reinterpreted, recycled or again reworked fabrics with these sorts of plastic layers etc. so, i found this inspiration very interesting for the fashion world and nothing has ever been done like this before this year. in my opinion, stefano has again renewed his point of view, staying faithful to the brand, but with a rich spirit far reached from the brand.music from the show