Diesel Black Gold - Menswear Show Autumn/Winter 2015/16 in Milan with interview

The recent opening of a Diesel boutique in London inspired Andreas Melbostad for his winter collection Diesel Black Gold, presented in Milan. On the catwalk all the “British” codes were present: the tartan, the touch of punk and the sartorial spirit. The slim line trousers are for the most part worn out, ripped and badges, studs and chains were embroidered on the jackets and on the tops. The leather, another essential element of the DNA of the label is present in the new form of jackets and biker jackets. A particular attention to materials, and the textures, in order to again increase the comfort and the luxury like the shearling linings of certain parkas. A mix & match which makes the masculine wardrobe wearable and in perfect harmony with the young clientele of the label.Interview : Andreas Melbostad : We opened the store in London last year, so spending some time in London, you know I started at the Royal College of London when I was much younger, and being back in London I thought it would be great to play with this idea of traditional men’s coats, traditional fabrications, but also to do the sort of subculture, counterculture, youth culture that’s iconic to England sort of like punks and mods, that sort of reference, rebellious attitude that fits very well with our DNA as a brand.I love the idea of kind of a very masculine, believable embellishment almost, so we have been playing with that for a few seasons, in the studying; so today it was the chains, and the customisation of found objects. This time it was very inspired by the tweeds in the collection, because I was looking at all the tweeds, and the colours of the tweeds and that kind of very textured feeling, so I wanted to take the denim and do something that was true to denim, really give it texture and interest as well, so we did a lot of breaking, distressing, cutting, adding hardware, really working on the leg a lot.Music from the show

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