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Cerruti- Menswear Show Autumn/Winter 2015/16 in Paris with interview

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Aldo maria camillo, the designer of the italian house cerruti is inspired by the art works of joseph beuys to create a clean cut, precise and sharp collection, adorned with a number of details. the silhouette is elegant and casual with clothes highlighted by the coloured stitching or in contrasting materials. the luxury fabrics give structure to the clothes. the trousers are worn above the ankle with large turn ups and the waist is outlined with a long belt incorporated into the clothes. the coats hide the detachable linings in fur and shearling and the knitwear takes on an arty allure, with the graphic colours.to note: the robust shoes which bring a casual touch to the chic wardrobe.interview: aldo maria camillo: the first things i had in mind since the beginning was really to approach the collection, through the research, in a way that was keeping in mind the idea to be real: simple but in a sophisticated way, it doesn’t need to be flat or to be boring, and so i feel this need to clean a bit in terms of shape i reshaped the coats and the jackets to make them more precise, a bit shorter, easier to wear so, really soft, so things that you don’t have to think about, with a white t-shirt and a beautiful jumper you can put on your coat and feel good at every moment of the day this was the first idea.and of course the research, the development i really tried to explore, because of this idea of the wardrobe, - the iconic pieces of a wardrobe, the iconic colours, in iconic fabrics and to mix it all together and to see if i could give a different point of view. so i was really passionate by this artist, joseph beuys, and his artworks in the past, and was really interesting. and i was really inspired by this parallel, between what the people want, not just to be decorated, but even to be protected and the fabrics light and functional, this is cerruti in a way. music from the show