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Kenzo - Collection Spring/Summer 2017 in Paris (with interviews)

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Venue : ‘cité de l’architecture’ in the place du trocadéromood : naked women and men posing like sculptures artistic director : carol lim & humberto leon inspiration : studio 54, and the illustrator antonio lopez. mixing cultures of cultures, expressions of individualities, a collection in homage to kenzo takada and to a mythic and optimistic time when the party was part of the universe’ label silhouette : new volumes with work on the puffed out sleeves or tapered cuts the reflecting materials, lurex, lame for the short dresses, parka dresses in ultra-light nylon and that float in the airfocus : on the prints with new graphics and drawings inspired by antonio lopez or the photographic prints with portraits of the famous figures in fashion who were present in studio 54 with pat cleveland and donna jordan the camouflage for the suits, the military raincoats, the mesh, the high waisted skirts and trousers the bra which is worn over a shirt the tight knit dresses with a low cut backthe high heels in a spiral form and accessories which are worn like genuine jewels, with sparkly bags which dress the silhouetteinterviews:carol lim :in this era of going out there’s a lot about having these inspirations and themes at the night club, and we wanted to almost transform this space into a night club, this idea of really being inspired by the space and these sculptures almost coming to lifewe really worked with antonio lopez who is a friend of the house, and he created a lot of prints, there are a lot of photographs we took from him and made prints out of it, we also made some of our own prints, i think this collection was about reflection on the house, we didn’t really look at the archives for clothing but it was about the spirit of this era, kenzo takda had a famous show in the 70s at studio 54 with grace jones and jerry hall walking in, and it was about celebrating that era.hubert leon : i think we were really excited about that silhouette and we wanted to really celebrate it with the different materials and the metallic and so for us it was a really strong shapewe want to dress every occasion that she’s going out to and being the beginning of the inspiration was this show that kenzo did we wanted to be able to create some evening looks. music from the show (only to be used in the context of the show, protected by the right to information.)