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Lancel, 140 years of audacity and French elegance !

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The house of lancel celebrates 140 years of creation, audacity and french elegance. founded by adolphe and angèle lancel, this house has become a symbol for luxury leather goods… today the label, that belongs to the richemont group, returns to its past through a work retracing its fabulous story.lancel, parisienne house since 1876flammarion editionmusic free of right : bandit & nikitinterview with laurence benaïm:at the beginning lancel was not at all a house just associated with bags and suitcases as is the case today but it was house above all which was linked to items for smokers and which will gradually in the past launched a pile of objects linked to goldsmithery, clocks, barometers, a sort of little cabinet of curiosities which continued to develop. the bag truly has risen above the rest over the years, around the 80s, and it’s of course linked to lancel red and there are bags, suitcases, there is a bucket bag and then after there is a whole series launching until the charlie, bianca bag etc…which will become sort of the houses “it bag” they aren’t all situated in the wave of “it bags” from the 90s, 2000s with extremely referenced bags as a sign of power, richness, and in fact the lancel bag wasn’t subjected to this evolution and it is situated on the side of style rather than that of fashion in the sense of rejecting what has already been done. at the same time this brand evolved with the times since, the bags were in fact worked in a more and more studied way, there is a true savoir fair, there is research into the leather trade, there are bags that we can customize, and there are lancel bags in precious hide. in this parisian house, since 1876, there have been 3,000 bags , 1500 archive documents, there is a true heritage, we can tell the history of the 20th century through all the bags that are rooted in the the decades, which are rooted in the moments and we see it between the curves, the buckles and the 70s curved signature and the metal from the 80s and there is a true evolution and it’s very important for these houses to have, to conserve, maintain and especially to show this heritage and and to let everyone who works inside the house to be able to be inspired, not to copy it but to always find this famous dna again which becomes the richness of each house.