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Kenzo - Menswear & Womenswear collection Autumn/Winter 2017/18 in Paris ( with interviews )

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Designers : humberto leon & carol limcollection: menswear & womenswear. the house chose to do only one fashion show per season. inspiration : backstage – all the preparation for a show – hair, makeup, dressing, etc – happening in front of the guests, a way to show behind the scenes and the large number of people needed to set up a show.without forgetting nature, central, which reappears on each model, with the prints, and the colors.collection : a man always ready to travel at kenzo, but also ready to face the cold with multiple propositions of over coats, very technical parkas, more of less long or voluminous. the diamond shapes are invited onto the suits and knitwear, just like claws and the “famous” tiger which returns onto the long t-shirts and jumpers. the degrading colours evoke the northern lights making the silhouette even more dynamic.for the woman, the skirts, tops and dresses are adorned with bands like fringes inspired by nordic folklore. the puffa jackets are enveloping, the rounded coat sleeves, forming both a new sporty & urban silhouette to note : the logo “kenzo” and scenic photos on the clothes, the accessories like the bags or the patent leather boots … a lot of details which are going to be all the rage among the younger generation. furthermore every season kenzo helps many organizations, this time it’s “ideas for us” and “earth guardians”interview from humberto leon & carol limyou are basically getting to see behind the scenes of what happens in a show, which i think is exciting as a viewer who has seen a lot of shows, you don’t get to see that side of it, and i think it’s amazing to see how many people go into making a showa nice celebration to celebrate all the team. it’s like clothes you can wear in everyday life, but then there’s also great technical elements, so you can also wear them in really cold weather, so we really tried to be conscious of function of clothing and all occasions we’ve always told a very similar stories between the men’s and women’s, from the beginning we always said kenzo was a dulled gender house, and it felt equally appropriate to show them together, so it was super exciting, i think this time round we wanted to give everyone a full show so you saw a full men’s show and a full women’s show.we’ve always played in this we feel like elegance and sport are friend and they can always be together, i think that’s just the codes of the house. and the kenzo woman goes to many different occasions so it’s nice for us to be able to think about all those different occasions. music from the show (only to be used in the context of the show, protected by the right to information.)