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Best of Fashion Weeks - When fashion engages... Top 5 messages seen in the shows

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Fashion always reflects the economic, political and social context in which it takes shape. faced with the uncertainty of the future, a garment can become an object of protest and a show is the perfect place to convey messages. which? here are 5 examples. (interview)the public school designers clearly express their opinion in their fashion show. the politics carried out by the american president donald trump challenging several fundamental rights, especially those related to women, have led many designers to react by printing messages and fighting with their own weapons, clothing. (interview)it is also now a question of responsibility, of ecological conscience and looking for innovating and nonpolluting materials. vivienne westwood and andreas kronthaler have been taking advantage of fashion shows for years in order to evoke a subject, just like stella mccartney and her fake leather or her organic denim, then jeremy scott at moschino using this metaphor to demonstrate that beauty is found everywhere. (interview) and in parallel with these challenges, positive messages have emanated from the collections. the fashion weeks whose role is above all to celebrate fashion, the words which express this flourish in lots of the shows, from versace to h & m studio which has placed its collection under the sign of love. (interview)and the positive momentum has rightly increased in the designers, especially through the theme of dance: magical at moncler grenoble, passionate at antonio marras, cheerful at stella mccartney. it is well known that dancing brings energy and happiness. finally the last message that the designers wanted to convey are destined especially for the young, this new generation called the millennials, everyone was speaking about them and dolce & gabbana went so far as to put them on the catwalk. they are now the target of the big luxury houses. with interviews from dao-yi chow & maxwell osbourne (public school), prabal gurung, jeremy scott, ann-sofie johansson, maddi waterhouse.interviews : dao-yi chow & maxwell osbourne :you know it was sort of like our future that we are playing around with, so i think if its fashion, if it’s music, if it’s journalism, whatever it is, i think everyone has got to pay more attention. prabal gurung :for me as a designer it was really important to talk about the issues at hand right now, because all we have is today, we don’t know about tomorrow. jeremy scott moschino : taking the overlooked, the trash, the things that people don’t pay attention to or don’t find beautiful and making something beautiful and elegant out of it.ann-sofie johansson : love and togetherness that is what we are, what we need and what we are aiming for so to get a feeling for it tonight as well.maddi waterhouse :i really love fashion i’ve always looked at the different brands, and i’ve always loved dolce, so i’m really excited, when i got told i was like ‘oh my god’, and i love all the clothes.music from the show (only to be used in the context of the show, protected by the right to information.)