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Cerruti Fashion Show - Menswear Spring/Summer Collection 2018 (with interview)

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Designer: jason basmajianinspiration: the designer takes inspiration from the tropical look imagined by nino cerruti in 1984 for the series, miami vice. a wardrobe which maries sportswear and supple tailoring.collection: an elegant, laid-back collection with darted trousers including large pockets, and integrated, double-ring belts.focus on: the sweatshirts and t-shirts emblazoned with ‘cerruti’ for an ultra-graphic version. a palm-leaf pattern can be found on shirts, jackets, as well as weaved into the knits.the colour palette is subtle yet eye-catching (sangria, beige, lime, and electric blue). the different stripes harmonise to add a certain freshness to this wardrobe.to note: the xxl bags and the metallic chain key-rings used to accessorise the collection.the shirt collars which are either up-turned, or done up to the neck.the jackets and the bermuda shorts: the new summertime outfit!interview jason basmajian: in fact, of course, nino cerutti was the costume designer for miami vice in the 80s. it’s a perfect starting point with the sense of relaxation, the freshness of the colors, the casualness, and the sense of ‘chic but cool’. and in fact, we made a collection that is much sportier, much more casual, even with the suit jackets, and always mixing the sportiness and tailoring.the idea of the graphic element, the logo treated in a graphic style, very modern, very minimal and at the same time, the idea of the fluid, light coat. a good work of fabrics.for me, cerruti is still about the story of the silhouette, the details, and the fabrics. also, there a lot of details, such as the belt made in the same fabric, the little chain which adds a touch of rock and roll, the idea of the colour-blocks on the shirt fronts, the buttons covered in the same fabric, and the v details on the shirt. it’s like how men dress today, in an elegant and fluid bermuda short. this goes well with a jacket, a t-shirt, or a coat. it works in many different ways.music of the show (only to be used in the context of the show, protected by the right to information)