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KENZO Fashion Show - Menswear & Womenswear Spring/Summer Collection 2018 (with interviews)

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Designers: carol lim & humberto leonambiance: the design duo display the art of staging. in the grand courtyard of a high-school, surrounded by buildings, dancers appear to hang, suspended at each window, and finish by displaying a choreography routine on the walls.two distinct shows, divided by a performance by the singer lafawndah.inspiration: the designers have imagined a meeting between their muses, the artist ryuchi sakamoto, & the model sayoko yamaguchi, who was already the muse and friend of the brand’s founder, kenzo takada.collection: energetic, sportswear, colourful. for men: tailoring was showcased, followed by new forms of jackets with rounded sleeves and high-wasted baseball pants. fluidity is here a required element.for women, stripes, floral prints, and cashmere dominate. bustiers and bras worn over the top of t-shirts, slip dresses, falling on the shoulders. shorts with frilled hemlines are coordinated with sleeveless jackets.focus on: amazing, psychedelic prints, japanese references inspired by album artwork by ryuichi, as well as the slogan, ‘hyper kenzo’to note: vibrant colours, striped socks for the girls, mini-bags, sunglasses, and ballerina-style flats for meninterviews :humberto leon: it was a really big story to tell. it was about telling the story of two muses, ryuichi sakamoto and sayoko, with sayoko being kenzo takada’s muse through the years of the house. so we wanted to almost play with this idea of a modern muse, which is ryuichi. we’ve worked with him, he’s leant a lot of his personal artwork. a lot of his album covers inspired the graphics for the energetic pieces, and then sayoko. today was really almost like the meeting of the two of them, they’ve never met in real life. they were both existing in the same time period. so, we almost created this fictional meeting of the two of them tonight.humberto leon: all the things are easy, and they’re really kind of just easy pieces. and that’s in the way it was put together. yeah, we’re super-excited about the ease. we always think about easy dressing, and things that you can just throw on, so it’s exciting to see that. carol lim: i think that’s what we think of as modern luxuries. there are pieces here that we actually make, and then you can go and choose the things that you’re super-excited about that you see on the runwaymusic of the show (only to be used in the context of the show, protected by the right to information)