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Key Fashion Moment - 2012: 240 Helmut Newton Photographs Exhibited at the Grand Palais in Paris

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It’s in the magnificent setting of the grand palais in paris that the first major retrospective of the works by the photographer helmut newton, who died in 2004, took place. known for his subversive photographs, the exhibition exposes the photographer's work in a thematic way. director of his own fantasies which he created for top magazines, among the 240 photos displayed, we find helmut newton’s caustic humor and above all his desire to show a seductive and domineering woman…having exhumed paris modes’ archives, an interview with helmut newton unashamedly speaking of his work was discovered.interviews:jérôme neutres : we chose to try and explain the creation process of these masterpieces that everyone has in mind, the large nude portraits and others. and for that, it seemed to us that since 1964, and this is the first room of the exhibition, there is a whole series of photographs which are never usually displayed in helmut newton’s exhibitions, and for the first time they are shown to the public in france. in these series that he did for magazines such as queen, elle or nova magazine between the years '64 and '69, you can sense the beginning of what will become the newtonian style. all of a sudden, fashion photography no longer resembles a fashion photograph. we think we see images from movies, portraits, or paparazzi shots, but not fashion photos. editors of fashion magazines sense that these images are so free, so singular and so unconventional that they are works of art. helmut newton illustrated the conquering woman, the woman who is her own master and that of the universe. as newton said, there's less sexuality in my large nude portraits, than in rubens's nude portraits.helmut newton : obsessions are always interesting, people’s obsessions, but in a fashion photo i can create a kind of mise en scène. i can make a short film, i can create a woman of my desires. you know, i always say if my lifestyle was that of my photos, i’d be long dead! because there’s a lot of excess in the photo.music free of right: bandit & nikit