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An encounter with Rami Al Ali, Syrian couturier based in Dubaï

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A syrian, based in dubai, rami al ali started with haute couture in 2000. his fans include beyoncé and jennifer lopez. today, he is developing his ready-to-wear collection all while continuing to present his couture line at paris fashion week. we met with this elegant designer, recognized among 50 of the most influential people in the middle east. interview with rami al ali:i think as a creative person you build your visual bank which is the most important source of inspiration for you. in your teenager/childhood, i was lucky enough that i was living in a country that was very rich, visually. also the craftsmanship back in syria it’s very high and very interesting and it’s become my source that i tap into every time i make a collection. you see a lot of that in the graphic that i use and the embroidery that i use, and the textures and the volumes and the shapes. it always has syria in it. when i grew up until the time i left syria, there wasn’t much of a fashion scene or a fashion culture. in general the fashion industry is a new element for the whole middle east, it’s more of a western concept. it started to get its own identity from the nineties until i would say today. i started with haute couture because it has a very wide space of freedom also because the middle east has the major clientele for haute couture business worldwide. i would say 80% of my clients come from the gulf region, from united arab emirates, from saudi, from kuwait, from bahrain, oman, qatar, all of it. they are more of the type, they want unique pieces which is what couture can provide. first i see the couture now, especially haute couture, it’s more about the technique than the creativity. because the client is very modern and young, she's looking for that now, not just the creative aspect. in the past two years i would say most of the client orders, their references come from social media, from your posts or someone else’s posts. this is how they build their mood board when they come to order a certain thing. the social media, it’s a very straight forward opinion about your work from the market. music royalty free: bandit & nikit 2017