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Zadig & Voltaire - Men's and Women's Collection Autumn/Winter 2018/19 in New York (with interview)

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Artistic director : cécilia bönströminspiration: a fast paced girl in tune with the times, accompanied by a boy with a cool and assumed style. for the third time, zadig & voltaire captures new york fashion week, with a front row filled with influencers but also stars like naomi watts and natalia dyer (star of stranger things), without forgetting model hailey baldwin, who closes the show. collection: rock and sensual vibes. a black leather jumpsuit with rhinestone edging opens the show. checked tailored trousers are worn with a cami where a leather puffer is paired with a miniskirt and lace tights. a lambskin coat has an aged or creased leather look. the huge jumpers are strewn with holes, as signs of the past, while the shorts – knitted culottes, are worn with studded boots. to note: the vivid red scattered throughout the collection. the flat boots with multiple straps, plus the short asymmetric dresses. a capsule collection of t-shirts has been released in collaboration with the photographer micol sabbadini, using photos from the women’s march in new york. all profits will be donated to the organization ‘every mother counts’. interview with cécilia bönström: for next winter, everything’s about femininity, lots of femininity with an enormous amount of strength, girls are going to be very beautiful, showing their legs, with lots of skin, lots of hair, very strong, they know where they’re going so i’d say it’s a delicate but rock silhouette. zadig & voltaire have always played with contradictions, so masculine/feminine is something which is very dear to me and this year we’ve really dived into the coat, the jacket, with or without sleeves, cut with scissors for the men’s wardrobe and we’ve put all that on the girls as well has putting the jumpers or pieces from the women’s collection on the boys. this year i saw my manufacturers and i went to première vision, and i wandered around and it was really my eye which chose the shearlings made in france, and i chose them, the bottle green colours and the red, to write a new chapter because shearling is a new material for us and for the finale on hailey baldwin, it’s velvet silk, also french, with coloured sequins in gradation, incrusted on the material. music from the show (for use only in context of the show, under cover of the right to information)