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Moncler Genius Presentation Event - Men's and Women's Collection Autumn/Winter 2018/19 in Milan (With Interviews)

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Inspiration/mood: milan kicks off the festivities with a huge moncler presentation with eight designers all proposing their vision of the grenoble house, including the italian pierpaolo picciolo, the english simone rocha and the iconoclastic craig green. between performances and shows, the collections are varied with the famous puffer as the central theme, radically reinterpreted with femininity, creativity or fantasy. several propositions which will satisfy the new generation of millenials, as is the hope of the label’s ceo remo ruffini. the moncler genius building is composed of: moncler pierpaolo picciolimoncler 1952moncler grenoble moncler simone rochamoncler craig greenmoncler noir kei ninomiyamoncler fragment hiroshi fujiwara moncler palm angelscollection & focus: pierpaolo piccioli seeks product functionality with a minimalist and refined vision. simone rocha works with a more victorian image, with new proportions and embellishments. craig green translates a more obscure reflection between the body and the clothing to make only one. moncler grenoble: an assortment of colours printed with particular attention to quality for technical clothes and practicality for mountain sports. to note: the spectacular sets, a stroll through different worlds, the different moods of the designers who are present to explain their work and their collaboration with moncler. interviews:remo ruffini: the vision is really easy, we’ve changed everything. basically we cancelled the season, we’re going to talk with the customer monthly in this digital era, i think it’s important to have the possibility to give information, project ideas, everyday, to the kids but also to all of our customers. i really asked the best people that i like personally to talk with the generation, then the jacket is important, if you go to pierpaolo piccioli, it’s super sophisticated for the ladies, hiroshi fujiwara is really for young kids, then we have a very constructed project from craig green. i think we have a monthly project you know to give head to toe to our customer. pierpaolo picioli: i wanted to get a sense a purity because for me, purity is something that is close to authenticity and for me, getting the purest down jacket, it was interesting to get my identity with moncler. simone rocha: for me it was very important to interpret the idea of mountain and the outdoors and how i could create clothing with that idea of silhouette and volume. i really wanted to have that craftsmanship and the idea of beautiful hand embellishment but mixing with this very ergonomic, practical sensitivity that’s very signature of moncler. music bandit & nikit - 2018