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LANVIN Show- Women's Collection Autumn/Winter 2018/19 in Paris (with interview)

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Artistic director: olivier lapidusinspiration: the second collection for olivier lapidus at lanvin, who seeks more from the house archives and discovers that jeanne lanvin, the founder, like to surround herself with artists from the 20s. inspired by this lapidus invites krista kim to the show who blends new technology with painting. collection: sophisticated and chic. big dart fitted trousers with hooded polo neck sweaters and very sporty glasses to attract a younger clientele. a beautiful effect with a gradation of colours created in close collaboration with the artist, notably a red pvc raincoat. lots of cocktail dresses, worn over trousers, and evening sheath dresses, playing with transparency with slits and low cut necklines. to note: warm colours in shades of yellow, pink and red, the embroidered logo badge, notably on a coat and sleeves. plus, the big flat laced boots.interview with olivier lapidus: it’s a more accomplished collection, there’s eveningwear that i could not do the first time around, and there are accessories that i could not do a lot before, jewellery. each time i seek to find a bit of the dna of jeanne lanvin, as the great couturiers in the great houses would do. we’re turning 130 next year, so clearly there’s a past, but we have to twist it with something very modern and in the 1920s, she was surrounded by artists like jean dunand who made these extraordinary vases, like baxter, like the others and i asked myself in the year 2020 who will we be surrounded by? and answer is that we’ll be surrounded by those who use new technology in art, like krista kim who is this artist which whom i’ve worked on north american/canadian culture and this range of colours, this painter with a high tech rothko aspect if you like, that interested me more and so i called krista and she came and we made these prints together and we made a mix & match of art and fashion. there’s a third which is evening dress, cocktail dresses, transparent dresses, sophisticated things like that which have to be lanvin i think, but what i find fun is twisting them into something easy and current with an unusual look. music from the show (for use only in context of the show, under cover of the right to information)