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Dust off your balaclava!

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It all started in new york at calvin klein, with stitched balaclavas. much like our grandma’s knitting, before it was then found at gucci. as soon as the two major shows had the same idea, we knew it was time to dig out our balaclavas. a new allure and a new attitude is born: we venture out, covered right up to our heads! the designers of course propose their own versions, colourful, matching the clothes, we even see a jumper-balaclava at marni. at chanel, the proposition is interestingly used to simply warm up a cocktail dress. you can opt for a more rebellious attitude for if you ever want to go incognito, as seen at dior. we also approve of the sportswear version by marine serre, ready to launch yourself into the urban jungle. alternatively, use a scarf! rolled over the head, in an elegant fashion as seen at vêtements, or the printed version in vibrant tones, playing with the current desire or simply assume an unfettered and worked total look. music bandit & nikit - 2018