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The Hyères Festival of fashion & accessories 2018: between emotion and technicality (with interviews)

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The 33rd hyères festival of fashion and accessories which drew to a close sunday 29th april, has for the second consecutive year awarded a prize for accessories, with a jury chaired by designer christelle kocher. among 10 international competitors exhibited at the villa noailles, it was the french trio of kate fichard, flora fixy & julia dessirier who were awarded first prize for their work on auditory jewellery. the public prize was awarded to the french cecile gray for her work on body jewellery combining technicality and finesse. interviews: cecile gray :the project was to make jewellery which was constructed like clothing and instead of just adorning the ear and the wrist, we really adorn the whole outfit with a set of jewels built with a golden thread, so it’s a work entirely made by hand which takes hours to create. i really like the idea of metal, it’s quite a hard material , very solid, you can’t break it and at the same time having very fine things, very delicate, even if it’s big pieces the thread is so fine that we don’t had something massive. before i was an architect so i’m inspired by materials used in construction, on the other hand having sets entirely composed of jewellery, you don’t see that a lot. kate fichard, flora fixy & julia dessirier :so i’m deaf and a photographer and the design of auditory jewellery hasn’t evolved, on the other hand technology is always becoming more and more efficient and incredible so i hoped to do a project, to enhance hearing aids so i called flora and julia who are the designers of the collection.from a technical point of view, we proceeded with a 3d scan of the object as it’s quite a technical object we built in 3d around the object because it’s one of our preferred tools. it’s quite simple, it’s enough to remove the end piece and to integrate the piece which directly slides onto the outline. we’ve been attentive to ergonomics, to comfort and also to what jewellery doesn’t distort sound or damage the device. so there is metal, for now the jewellery is polished brass with a gold veneer and a rhodium veneer and there are resin parts and we’ve integrated swarovski crystals on two of the pieces. we worked on the curves of the hearing aid and we extended them, highlighting how extensive it is and the idea of magnifying the object to more hide and accept it. the aim is to change the mentality towards partially deaf people, to get rid the hearing aid complexes and to of course enhance it. music royalty free : bandit & nikit