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Acne Studios - Spring/Summer 2019 ready-to-wear show in Paris (with interview)

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Artistic director: jonny johansson place: camille sée high school with its checked and graphic corridor. collection: delicacy and rigour are the key words for this collection inspired by dance. 4 acts set the scene for fitting and fluid clothes. a work on patterns, motifs and the body’s movement. focus on: thin slip dresses in soft colours. tulle shirt on top of a tank top. second skin clothes using a mix of materials. + single earrings and necklaces with a nose ring and dance style shoes. to note: ruffles, pleats, smocks and photos for decoration. a dress unbuttoned at the back. lose trousers in linen to high waisted trousers with ruffles. prints, representing monuments on a kind of toile de jouy fabric and for the night some bright jacquard fabric. with the interview of jonny johansson : i got a request from a choreographer friend to do clothing for a dance act and i said no because i didn’t know how to make that. so, i did a lot of research and this research is what i later used to make this. so, i did four acts and the first act like the rehearsal act so all about the jersey and the dancer’s literal movement in the studio and the second act was like a performance piece that was more about folklore and a lot of natural materials and a lot of big shapes and movement. the third part was like the transition from home to the studio through the subway, very much about the acne studio girl in some way. the fourth act was about nights out or evening wear, we don’t usually do a lot of evening wear so it was something new for us to do.music from the show (only for use in context of this report, under cover of the right to information)