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Kenzo Takada: « I miss fashion, but the profession has changed a lot… »

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At the age of 79, the fashion designer, kenzo takada, recounts his career, his life and his work in a book containing previously unseen documents. 40 years of creations, illustrated with more than 300 sketches as well as photos from his shows, including his latest at zénith in 1999 as well as personal letters to his mother. a book filled with emotion, sensitively thought out by his friend kazuko masui and his daughter chihiro.interview with chihiro masui: i think that my mum thought of the idea for the first time in 1993, so effectively it is now 25 years old. at first, she wanted to do a sketchbook with all of his drawings. my mother would say that this would be a sketchbook to inspire all the young designers of the world. interview with kenzo takada: i think that it’s a really nice idea. i am very very happy. it would be great if this helped all the young stylists and designers. interview with chihiro masui: in order to write this book, i recounted kenzo’s position in the history of fashion. i learned that he revolutionized fashion, he gave birth to the fashion we see today, namely ready-to-wear.interview with kenzo takada: i grew up in japan just after the war and there was nothing. the only thing we had were films, so i watched many american films, and i started to draw, at the time saint laurent was starting, he was my idol so i watched what he did for dior and for his own brand saint laurent, it was incredible, it made me dream. in 1965, i wanted to spend 6 months in paris, and by chance i found a job, in 1970 i had the opportunity to open a shop and straight after i was on the front cover of elle. this was when it all started.interview with kenzo takada: when i decided to stop in 2000, it was hard at first. i really missed it. but the fashion industry never stops, you always have to be available to work each season, i think the profession has changed a lot and all this technology is crazy!kenzo takada-edition du chêne