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A private tour of Boucheron’s renovated home at 26, place Vendôme

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In 1893 boucheron moved into 26, place vendôme, in the hôtel de nocé, one of the most beautiful listed private mansions in paris which has just been renovated with the support of the kering group who owns the house. and who better to guide us than hélène poulit-duquesne, ceo of boucheron who fully led this project.interview with hélène poulit-duquesne:we began with a historical and heritage approach, which led us to choosing our first architect michel goutal, the head architect for the louvre, so we asked him to work on hôtel de nocé’s setting and to bring back its former glow, in other words stripping 300 years’ worth of history to find the original decoration of hôtel de nocé as it was in 1717.it’s much more than just a boutique here, it also holds our ateliers and our creative studio, so actually it’s the heart of the company, it recounts all our history, who we are, and above all we create our jewellery here, from their production in our ateliers to this shop, it all takes place here, where we are today.this building has a very long history, for example, we discovered five to six different coats of paint because each period of time was realised in its own way which was included in the brief given to the interior designer pierre-yves rochon explaining that in a family home, everyone leaves a trace of their passage, everyone leaves a trace of their history and for this reason in the current decoration, we see a lot of things from the past as well as some extremely contemporary pieces. we decided to go to bargain hunting in saint ouen, looking for antiques and mixing various eras together, it all seemed fairly standard, but the most important thing is recounting different stories through different pieces and creating a feeling that you are truly in a family home where you see little children’s furniture along with grandma’s chest of draws, everything fits nicely together telling the same story. music from the show