kate spade new york- Women's Autumn/Winter 2019 Ready-to-Wear Show in New York (with interviews)

Collection: The artistic director Nicola Glass presents her second collection focussing on the new codes of the brand by creating outfits filled with femininity and optimism. Looks are effortless, silhouettes are flowing and colours are well thought out, both soft and deep with purple and shades of brown.Note: The explosion of animal prints in new colours and textures, and bright materials such as silk and lurex knit. The headband adorning hair.Interview with Sadie Sink:Especially when I’m younger, like when I was younger and I had no idea of anything about fashion, I just knew Kate Spade was so cute and I could incorporate it into my everyday clothes. Interview with Nicola Glass:Fall 2019 is about soft glamour, and it was this idea of thinking about a woman’s closet and where the clothes end up rather than where they originated from, so we were imagining reading an insanely glamorous women’s closet and all the eclectic fun mix of elements that you would find in it to make your own. Interview with Maggie Gyllenhaal: I was in their shop the other day looking for what I was going to wear and so many of the clothes appealed to me, I’m trying to put a finger on why. I guess they’re sort of like classic shapes and interesting fabrics, but classic shapes almost like kind of a little like 70s, like late 70s, which I’ve always liked! Interview with Kiki Layne:I’m also excited to see the new collection, so I can hopefully snatch some of it away.

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