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Portugal Fashion in Porto Special: The most memorable moments

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Portugal also holds its own fashion week, established in porto since 1995. throughout 4 days, 15 designers showed in the historical building, a former customhouse next to the douro. a programme composed of young designers as well as other more established ones.(interview)we can count on designers such as miguel viera and luis buchniho who are already established in many countries but remain loyal to this fashion week with clothing for men and women that is always ahead of time.(interview)such is the case for the london-based duo marques almeida, showing in paris and also presenting their latest collection in porto.as well as alexandra moura, who has become an example and influence throughout eruope.interview with monica neto:portugal is a country of agricultural and industrial tradition, our challenge and our bet is to bring a creative message and input it into the design world.and it’s for all these reasons that portugal fashion week is important. we want to position portugal next to all the countries that count, with incredible brands and designers who know how to produce.today, we have designers who can sign up to the official portuguese fashion week.we have brands who are present in paris fashion week like alexandra moura, who is also in london and italy amongst the biggest names.our aim is to lend a hand to these designers who need to break the boundaries of our internal market as much as possible.music from the show (for use only in context of the show, under cover of the right to information).