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Portugal Focus: Discover the brand, Lemon Jelly

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A meeting with lemon jelly, a made in portugal shoe brand. their distinction? using plastic. the producers and founders of this label belong to the procalçado group who began producing rubber soles. with their success, they created lemon jelly, a brand with a special feature- their shoes smell like lemon.today lemon jelly even offers a capsule collection made using recycled materials.interview with riccardo oliveira:we believe that the scent of a brand is also an extension of the experience. when the client opens the box it is overwhelmed with something else that he was not thinking about first time he ordered the shoe or he bought the shoe in a retail shop.we launched a specific product, a specific range and in this specific range the plastic used is 100% recycled, the lining is 90% recycled, the elastic is 70% recycled, and we, all of this the box will be 100% recycled so we look at everything.when you’re buying lemon jelly, you are buying a product that is produced in portugal, all the raw materials are sourced in europe so with europe’s standards and this is different than buying other products.