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Oversized, the new fashion element in men's wardrobes

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Embrace oversized and xxl pieces that have once again become trendy, bringing a feeling of comfort and some could even say freshness to summer days.oversized has returned to the limelight, firstly with the explosion of sportswear. everyone has been working sports gear with the desire to find, once again a certain ease in everyday wear. we have seen the return of chic tracksuits, hoodies and large jackets.(interview yosuke aizawa)denim also finds new dimensions. many designers opt for the oversized look in different types of jeans for example.the suit trouser becomes supple and comfortable with new propositions and a freer allure.designers take on new challenges, even in the everyday between work and leisure. from suits to sportswear, from elegant to casual, oversize becomes the answer to men’s daily rhythms.interview with yosuke aizawa (white mountaineering): our focus points are in the 90s, many people wearing colourful and outdoor wear, big size and big baggy pants and wearing adidas and other sports brand and now i’m making technical fabric and making technical wear.