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Rick Owens : Spring/Summer 2020 Menswear Fashion Show in Paris

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Designer: rick owensinspiration/location: on the forecourt of the palais de tokyo, around the statue of artist thomas houseago (currently on display at the museum of modern art), and accompanied by four singers from mexico city, the american designer explores his mexican origins in response to donald trump and his idea of the wall bordering the united states.collection: structured, fitted and sparkling. zipped jumpsuits are worn alone, or as trousers with suit jackets. other blazers are slim fit, with statement shoulders. a touch of yellow and sequins is a nod to the china poblana festival... the v-neck t-shirt is simply paired with trousers that are either ultra-oversized or in a fitted, biker style with zips.we like the concept of ribbon and lacing getting tangled and forming a sculpture-like appearance on some pieces.to note:collaborations with veja and champion + high-heeled plexi boots music from the show (for use only in the context of the show, covered by the right to information).