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Simon Porte Jacquemus graces the world of fashion for 10 years

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It was the ‘sunburn’ of this summer, simon porte jacquemus’ last collection that presented men and women together in a field of lavender in the south of france, his homeland, for an unforgettable show for his 10-year anniversary. 10 years that the 30-year-old designer became the little fashion prince, injecting an energy and an incredible sensitivity into his shows that have become events during paris fashion week. let’s look back on some symbolic shows.like the one in 2014, emphasising the woman–child, dressed in trainers and cocooning sweatshirts, in neoprene, the main material of this collection, patterned with geometric shapes.we remember the event in 2015 when simon won the special jury award from the lvmh prize, which marked a turning point in his career.in 2016, the “les santons de provence” collection takes the designer to a new level, a big show, attended by international press and a rich collection with key pieces like big hats, graphic shirts with balloon sleeves, and frilly dresses and skirts. simon became big. in 2018, he opened paris fashion week with summery girls with feminine, sensual, desirable silhouettes and an announcement: jacquemus will also be doing masculine looks.the presentation of his first collection will take place in the creeks in the south and the men will be just as desirable as the women. so, in 2019, for his 10-year anniversary, simon remains free and continues to make people dream through a wardrobe with a recognisable and poetic aesthetic.with interview from simon porte jacquemus:always round and square, that is what i associate with jacquemus, i’m obsessed with that.i want to stay free and do whatever i want, like i’m doing now. that’s the only message i want to get across, is to stay free and the boy that i am.it’s my childhood, it’s all these guys, all these ‘gadjos’ who inspired me when i was very young, all these provincial marseilles clichés. i have no overly ambitious plans; i just want to be happy. to make fashion and continue telling stories. 10 happy years, where i’ve watched my team grow, my dreams come true bit by bit, and the show here in provence tonight has been another dream come true. music free to take : aquamarine by cody martin (time to rise)