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Creative and sustainable energy at the 35th Hyères Festival !

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Jean-pierre blanc, founder and managing director of the hyères festivalthis is a special edition because firstly, it is the 35th anniversary of the festival, and secondly because we are in an extremely complicated, dangerous and upsetting health crisis, and i believe that there are many of us and that it was also the way of government to celebrate life, cultural life, economic life. so, for the young artists in competition, for the artists and for the public who also need to experience emotional things, emotions, pleasure, sharing and so that was what led us to maintain this edition.there is still something which is very striking, present for several years, it is their enthusiasm and their overflowing joie de vivre, even in such a sad period, they still believe in it.olivier gabet, member of the jury and director of mad (musée des arts décoratifs)there are ten of them who all have their own ideas, with very different imaginations, they live in their own era.it is interesting to see that they have a lot of freedom in what they say, there is not too much political correctness. we feel that each of them does not want to sacrifice their freedom of thought.there are plenty of ideas and we are going to get out of this mess of things thanks to these ideas and thanks to the energy of people, young people like that.jonathan anderson, designer & president of the juryis it possible to see the look, walk towards the camera right down the middle of the room just to see them move a bit more? ok.christoph rumpf, winner of the grand prix du jury première vision 2019when you come to this festival, you quickly realize the big win is to be here and to have this experience, to have the show, to work with …, to work with the team, because this very, you know, rare.a generation totally concerned by the values of eco-responsibility, recycling and traceability, fully integrated almost instinctively into their creative process for these 10 finalists.sustainability, i just think it is important to not harm the planet, so you try to do as little as possible, so i think that's and with young people, it comes automatically because we see what's happening to earth and everything, so comes quite naturally, but i think dreaming is also really important. it's not just one thing...music free of right-deep breath by fassounds (paradise islands) artlist