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R-Evolution - Society -What is the Chanel Métiers d'Art fashion show?

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What is the chanel métiers d’art fashion show?this year, chanel presents its métiers d’art fashion show at the château de chenonceau in franceunveiled to the whole world the 3rd decemberwhat there is to knowsince 2002, chanel presents once a year in december,a fashion show highlighting artisansfrom its subsidiary, paraffectioninitiated in 1985 with the purchase of parurier desrues,the house owns 38 art houses and manufacturerssuch as the embroiderer lesage, the shoemaker massaro, the michel hats, the feather worker lemariéhubert barrère, artistic director at maison lesage"it is a magnificent gift that the chanel house gives to their craftmanship “métiers d’art”, by highlighting them. it is a consideration, of the work and of all the skills that are, i think, exceptional."one fashion show that changes location every year,always linked to the house’s historykarl lagerfeld loved to showcase the artisans’ creativitylike at the ritz in 2016a parisian palace where chanel lived for 34 years, until her death in 1971lily-rose depp and pharrell williams are part of the modelssalzburg, 2014artistic and vry inspiring city for mademoiselle chanelreminiscent of her love affair with baron hubert van pantzedinburgh 2012another city linked to the passionate loveof coco chanel and the duke of westminster who introduced her to scotlandand a way to celebrate the barrie knitwear house bought by chanel, that has worked with the house for more than 25 yearsclive brown, sales director at barrie knitwear"the whole ethos of chanel and the métiers d'art is that the skills have to be there for the future and not just for one or two years, but for the next 20, 30 years."hamburg, 2017karl lagerfeld’s hometowna futuristic vision, the new concert hall of the elbe philharmonic hallgrand palais, 2019first collection of virginie viarda replica of chanel's apartment on rue cambon,a nod to the roots of the house