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Linen in fashion: a seasonal effect or a new, real, eco-responsible awakening?

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Designers are paying linen more attention in their collections. a seasonal effect or a real awakening?the european confederation of linen and hemp reveals the results of a study led by alexandra van houtte, director of tagwalk revealing an intensifying attraction for this “genderless” and respectful fibre.it is young designers with whom linen is increasingly popular.a growth which should be pursued thanks to an image that is less and less traditional, and an increasingly broad interest.interviews:alexandra van houtte, founder and director of tagwalklinen has increased by 102% between spring summer 20 and spring summer 21, but what is even more interesting, is that 64% of people who used linen, used it for the first time by brands such as dior, louis vuitton or fendi, and 49% of designers have at least one linen piece between paris, london and milan.another important figure is that 24% of brands were luxury brands. this is the first time that luxury brands have worked with linen in an extremely different, varied way.louis gabriel nouchi, designerlinen is a real alternative to cotton. being able to use another fibre is a great option and at the moment, we are all trying to be more eco-responsible, such as in the sourcing of materials, especially linen. as a french brand, it is a material produced mainly in france or northern europe, so it is readily available.marie demaegdt, textile and sustainable development director of celclinen is a material of the future, above all it is a natural, plant fibre which is cultivated in respect of the environment, without waste, without irrigation in 99% of cases and without gmos. it offers intrinsic qualities of a naturally high-performance fibre, like thermoregulation, it offers optimal comfort, particularly suited to our new lifestyles. linen products are real, honest, transparent products.linen is carried by a sector invested in continuous innovation, in creativity. we see developments such as denim, outdoor linens, stretchy linens, blends with other high-quality fibres such as wool or silk linens for all seasons. ultimately, it is the oldest fibre in the world and one of the most innovative.music copyright-free : nice wave by captain qubz-artlist