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Alessandro Sartori welcomes us at a distance in Ermenegildo Zegna’s Milan showroom!

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A film shot indoors and outdoors for a collection that offers a wardrobe that highlights a new approach to traditional materials, worked with lightness and fluidity.interview alessandro sartori-artistic director:we decided straight in september to go to the second level of our phygital experience and to produce a fashion film. we added in the narrative, this idea of indoor and outdoor, which are colliding into a new aesthetic where the garments could be easily worn by different generations of people or by women. the approach has to be more modern, more, i would say modular, and more flexible. this is the mindset behind the collection. so you have very interesting garments with a generation of fabric that's giving you a fluidity to move. due to this, the construction, which is very fluid, no seams in the sleeves for many garments, is fully deconstructed so inside, we don't have linings, we don't have canvas or fusing, we don't have any padding. so the material is at the center and the design is at the center, with this kind of construction. this is also very interesting because it's done in the usually existing wools, we have many of them too. no seams seen here. a larger fit could be very good in a woman too, on a smaller size. and the pocket has a very interesting solution as several other garments in the collection. so there is a slice here. you enter and you can go either in the pen pocket. what we wanted to do is the same technique of jersey, exported in the flannel world, so you have a flannel feel, that kind of very wintry look that could be lighter, darker, green or grey. but, it is again, 100% jersey-made, so fully elasticated. basically out of it, you can do pant, you can do other pinnings, you can do jackets. hybrid garments are also becoming very popular in this collection, so we fuse knit and shirts, or jackets and knits, or knits and jersey. and the fluidity and the lightness is the center of the collection. this is the bag that represented better. it is a paper bag, so basically you wear it like this, so it's very light and subtle and you have a very nice feel. but if you want to wear it with documents, you just go like this and basically it is becoming a classic bag for men. we are lucky at zegna because we supply most internally, so we have the fabrics and we have the artisans in the workshops. but every time you go outside, we don't produce everything internally, honestly. we also do outside. when we go outside, we see the difficulties of the system. we see the difficulties of the system that is now without oxygen since almost a year. in one month it would be a year. the worry is the fragility of the artisans and their families because that is really the most important part of italian craft. so it's a challenging moment and we want to support as much as we can our suppliers.music issued from the fashion show