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What's Up - Jacquemus up high!

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What’s up jacquemus autumn/winter 2021/22jacquemus at the topwhat’s new ? what not to misssimon porte jacquemus takes us into a minimalist, indoor setting, evoking an abstract mountain as a source of inspiration for his mixed collection 'see now, buy now'what's going to make a buzzthe crop topds, the bras and the knit brasa focus onbright colours and soft tintsdetails evoking the hiking worldbold cutsthe cargo trousers with rolled up waistthe revisited black dressmini sheepskin jacketthe new versions of chiquitothe mule faux fura heterogeneous casting, with the remarkable presence of bella hadid and kendall jennerthe silhouette that sums everything uprefined, sensual and protectivemusic issued from the fashion show (only to be used in the context of these fashion shows, covered under the right to information)