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Dior unties the threads of couture in front of captivated guests

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Christian dior haute couture autumn-winter 2021/22rodin museumparis 5th july 2021dior returns with a fashion show and an audience of guests (including jessica chastain, monica belluci, cara delevingne and jennifer lawrence). for this return to life, dior immerses us in a grandiose and intimate setting by artist eva jospin, a 95m long tapestry, with more than 400 shades and 150 variations of embroidery stitches, designed by artist eva jospin and embroidered in india by the chanaka ateliers.the starting point of maria grazia chiuri's collection is the 'threads of life' work by clare hunter (textile artist). the result is a work on materials, on a succession of pieces in tweed, flecked fabrics, mixed with net, lace and embroidery but also long floaty dresses in silk muslin, pleated, draped, weaved...jessica chastain:i am so happy to be in paris.it was like a dream arriving yesterday and, for a year and a half, it feels like a very long year, it was very difficult to not travel and see my friends.so today is quite emotional.i just think about the craftsmanship, the amount of time, the amount of hours, the amount of stitches, the hand stitches, it's really, for actors, it's the big, big award to receive.a couture show is the big, big moment in fashion.monica bellucci:it's beautiful, it feels good.it's a spirit of freedom and everyone wants life to start up again, that life takes a fresh breath, finally.eva jospin:i had imagined a silk room, but i had not imagined something as vast as this because here, we're not in a room anymore. i don't know how to say it, but we're in the great gallery of a palace, so we are really in an absolutely spectacular dimension.it's rare when you're an artist and you have a crazy dream of being able to realise it in real life in this kind of size, even though i tend to try to think big.but i have to say, this is beyond what i imagined.maria grazia chiuri:this collection for me was very important, to realise a collection that speaks about the embroidery, about the textiles, because textiles are a part of the process of a couture collection.so i started the collection with the idea of the thread, and i manipulated the thread in a different way.in the heritage of our house, dior was well-known for coats, jackets, tailleur. i think also because after a year and half when there were not so many parties, i decided to develop very well, the daywear, with this idea of timeless too, because when you buy a jacket in tweed, you can maintain it for a long time.we made beautiful embroidery for different outfits in the collection with a beautiful coat where there is this idea of the fragment that is a sense of memory and those are natural elements.we made beautiful t-shirts with skirts, that is an easy way to go to cocktail dresses, with this patchwork between lace, mesh and embroidery.we work with many different elements that come from different traditions and we mix together in a language that can give an idea for the future of couture.i think that i don't want to dream only for special occasions, so i decided to make a collection that also is dreamy. you can wear also in the morning a beautiful coat that you feel well with your body and very comfortable.jessica chastain:i got to meet her yesterday, and she's fantastic.i'm married to an italian, so i really love her sensibility.i just love being in europe.i'm really happy to be here and i love her.i love what she's doing with women's clothing, i think it's really important to have everyone designing for women, but also to have women designing for women.cara delevingne:live is so fast paced, everyone needed this realisation of so many things that were going on in the world, and it obviously took a really bad thing to happen, but i think it's just been great for everyone to be here.we're back baby!!!monica bellucci:i am saying i need to get over from all this beauty.it takes me a few hours to recover from all this wonder.music issued from the fashion shows (only to be used in the context of the fashion shows, covered under the right to information)